fluid mechanics pdf by R.K.Bansal -ebook free download

A text book of Fluid mechanics by Dr. R.K.Bansal is an excellent source of knowledge for both the mechanical and chemical engineering students. In this book Bansal has presented every topic starting with the fundamentals of fluid mechanics. Many students prefer this book, because the author has explained the concepts very well with relevant example problems.

Fluid mechanics by RK.Bansal pdf / ebook free download / buy online

fluid mechanics pdf by rk bansal

Text book of Fluid Mechanics by R.K.Bansal

Topics covered in Fluid Mechanics Pdf by Bansal

  1. Properties of Fluids
  2. Pressure and its Measurement
  3. Hydrostatic Forces on Submerged Surfaces
  4. Buoyancy and Floatation
  5. Fluid Kinematics
  6. Dimensional Analysis
  7. Fluid Dynamics
  8. Fluid Flow Measurements
  9. Flow Through Pipes
  10. Viscous Flow
  11. Flow Past Immersed Bodies
  12. Compressible Flow

Fluid mechanics by R.K.Bansal pdf covers a lot of problems with good theoretical information. Students can gain the ability of problem solving with the concepts explained. Civil, Chemical and Mechanical engineering students choose this book for preparing many competitive examinations like GATE, IES and also for preparing to interview concepts in depth.

About Author R.K.Bansal:

The author of the Text book of fluid mechanics is Dr. R.K. Bansal, who is a great professor with excellent knowledge levels.  Bansal graduated in 1966, did Ph.D from University of Delhi in 1981. In his teaching career of about thirty five years, he has written many engineering books, published several papers and guided many research students.

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